“People not procedures are your organisation’s best defence”

The core function of Kura Human Factors is to create an environment that provides a clearer understanding of the risks carried within organisations. This awareness creates a just culture where risk-based decisions are not only widely understood, but solutions contributed to by everyone.

Our approach, born from years of key aviation experience, harvests and merges numerous ‘safety intelligence’ sources creating a single, cross-capability risk picture to cover all aspects of any organisation.

As system interdependabilty increases, goals conflict, people and technology intertwine, even routine work becomes more challenging and all too often ‘management by fire-fighting’ becomes the norm.  Integrating Human Factors into everyday practices creates efficiencies that improve productivity and competitiveness, whilst generating agility to increase resilience.

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, there is a need for both technology-orientated people but also people-orientated technology.  Kura facilitates the building of trust between people and processes that bridges the gap between work as imagined versus work as done.

The effective understanding and employment of Human Factors reduces errors and de-risks organisations. This creates a cycle of continuous improvement permitting strategic goals and vision to be met.

The Benefits of Human Factors Training

  • Optimise your team’s human performance, increase productivity and improve safety
  • Make good performance a standard practice
  • Reduce the risk of poor human performance
  • Identify system driven threats & hazards in your organisation
  • Reduce the number of human error related incidents
  • Harvest your workforce’s knowledge & learn from mistakes
  • Reinvigorate your error management system(s)
  • Protect your workers, your company & your clients from harm
  • Increase buy-in & support from clients, end-users & stakeholders

Our Human Factors instructors

The KURA team of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management instructors, members of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, are a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to sharing lessons learnt from their years of experience in aviation, oil and gas, maritime, emergency services and construction.  These lessons can be applied to all industries through the lens of human factors, aviation-psychology and well-being. We design market leading Human Factors workshops derived from lessons learnt in these safety critical industries. This allows us to share our combined knowledge and deliver effective solutions to you and your company.

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About KURA Human Factors

For more information on any of our courses, or to see how we can help your organisation, please complete the form above or email us directly: info@kurahumanfactors.com

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