Announcement: EASA Regulation Delay

One of Kura Human Factors’ roles is providing guidance and assurance on regulatory compliance regarding pilot support services. It is looking increasingly likely that, due to the unique situation caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, there will be an alleviation to the starting date for all three elements of EU2018/1042 until February 2021.

The delay will be a welcome breather to organisations both financially and operationally, allowing time to embed Peer Support Programmes (PSP) into their management system and culture. The regulator will issue guidance in the form of a Safety Notice once this delay has been confirmed. It is expected that the CAA will strongly encourage operators to use this delay productively.

Given that August 2020 is the end of a two-year implementation period, and that the CAA are known to be very positive in their view of PSP, it would be remiss of operators to expect any further alleviation. We should also be mindful of the aviation insurance industry which is fully aware of the regulations. Future insurance audits will therefore expect an SMS to incorporate PSPs.

A proactive approach at this stage will allow us to have all elements in place for the start of Q1 2021, providing full compliance for both the regulator and insurers. The delay is particularly important for those organisations that were working under the misunderstanding that the CAA would supply a UK wide peer programme. This will not happen and was only ever an aspiration.

Any programme you choose to implement needs to be embedded and fully operational by the new February deadline.

Our PSP, MAPS, is based on the original CAA intent of a collaborative, supportive and community-based approach. Kura Human Factors will continue to work flexibly with operators to ensure that the February deadline is achieved whilst we support their personnel and protect the operation.

We have produced guides to help with furloughing and redundancy from a wellbeing perspective, which are available now as an extra resource for operators and pilots alike. There is also a new website page giving more information on all three aspects of the ruleset and the pathways to compliance which can be found here.

Wellbeing issues are fast becoming one of the greatest risks to the operation due to an uncertain economic future and the resultant anxiety it produces. Now more than ever we need to ensure our companies and workforce have the resilience to survive and thrive in a changing economy.

Providing we use it productively, the delay gives ample time to train peers and key stakeholders. It will also ensure companies can initiate the wellbeing awareness training that is more important than ever for their workforce. Our training courses for both key stakeholders and peers will recommence on the 29th July at Leading Edge Aviation, Oxford Airport.

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