The Three Pillars of MAPS

The KURA Human Factors team offers an impressive wealth of experience in supporting roles from across the aviation training and airline industries.

The Three Pillars of MAPS

1. Treat every operator as a partner.

We know that every AOC holder’s operation is different, and we pride ourselves at being the most flexible peer support provider in the UK. This flexibility allows us to operate in all sectors of the aviation industry, gaining the trust of not only scheduled airlines, but also corporate, freight and specialist operators. We provide a bespoke solution to suit the uniqueness of each operation.

2. Pilots supporting Pilots.

Nearly 90% of all calls to a PSP can be solved by a peer. We have a world leading team of Mental and Physical Health Professionals who can be called upon when expert help is required. This can often be accomplished via innovative cost saving models in conjunction with existing EAP’s. The aim is to get the best help possible in the quickest time frame with early intervention.

Ensuring that Peers are looked after is a top priority for us. We invest heavily in support for our peers to minimise the chances of secondary trauma.

3. Robust Corporate Governance and GDPR.

Good governance is core to the success of any company but takes on an even more fundamental role in safety critical industries where protection of life, limb and livelihood is paramount. Our Advisory Board includes regulatory experts, senior leaders in aviation, medical and mental health professionals for due diligence.

We are very proud to go beyond full GDPR compliance with our innovative use of existing platforms at every stage of Peer Support. By using these existing platforms, we can ensure compliance+ whilst also keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

If you are not currently a member of MAPS and would like to find out more about achieving compliance,