The KURA story

It’s all about the people

KURA was founded in 2014 to create new training and employment opportunities for aspiring pilots to access the profession. Designed to develop the skills and knowledge of newly qualified commercial pilots, the course helped them to achieve the incredibly high professional standards expected of new First Officers.  Whilst the programme was designed specifically to create new opportunities for modular trained pilots, the robustness and integrity of the Human Factors training has also benefited integrated and qualified pilots.

We are proud to now introduce KURA HUMAN FACTORS to the market.

Since 2014, Kura has expanded its aviation inspired Human Factors training into other industries including: Healthcare, Construction, Finance, Safety and Peer Support.

KURA HUMAN FACTORS is not a ‘one size fits all’ organisation.  We believe very much in tailored solutions for the individual and company with one thing in common – We break down silo’s and share knowledge about well-being, human performance and the overwhelming benefits to organisations raising knowledge across all industries.


The Task Force recommends the implementation of pilot support and reporting systems, linked to the employer Safety Management System within the framework of a non-punitive work environment and without compromising Just Culture principles. Requirements should be adapted to different organisation sizes and maturity levels, and provide provisions that take into account the range of work arrangements and contract types.

EASA Task Force


We’ve had a lot of Human Factors trainers over the years and that was 10 times better than anything we’ve had.

ANS Head of Training


By understanding the culture through a data perspective, analysing the gaps then tailoring human factors education programmes around those gaps, Simon of Kura Human Factors helped to unlock a reporting culture that revealed the hidden risks within the client’s people and systems which continues to mature and thrive to this day.

Dr Alastair McKenzie-Kerr