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Peer support is a structured process where individuals with similar experiences or backgrounds provide support to each other. It involves sharing experiences, offering advice and encouragement, and promoting self-care and wellbeing.

The Peer Support Programme.  Support from those who understand.

At the heart of the programme are Peer Support Volunteers – colleagues that are trained in listening and support skills, providing initial, non clinical psychological strategies to help develop self awareness, healthy coping mechanisms and resilience. They can also signpost on to professional support when further help is needed.

What is a peer support programme?

A peer support programme is a framework of psychological support that sits around the peer support volunteers. An effective programme can help people to navigate the difficulties that they may encounter in work and in their personal life, building trust and support, whilst increasing wellbeing.

Peer Support can:

  • help you to open-up about what you are feeling and experiencing
  • provide the tools to enable you to self-report an issue that is bothering you without fear of it impacting your career or progression in the company
  • reassure you that you’re not alone in how you are feeling
  • help protect your well-being and livelihood by decreasing time you might need to take off from flying
  • give you a non-judgemental space to receive support.

Alongside the Peer support volunteers are industry specialists, mental health professionals and an excellent learning and development team. They come together to educate, inform and continuously develop the programme, making sure that it is integrated into the heart of your workplace. Put simply we support your employer to support you.

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